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Property Management like its never been done before

Technological advances have uprooted typical Landlord-Tenant relationships for ultimate efficiency. Rent in the Valley has been embracing every opportunity to streamline processes that typically move at a primitive pace. Our rental applications, service requests, and payment portal is available 24/7 365 days a year on our website.

At Rent in the Valley, if you have a question or concern, you’re only a text message away from contacting a Property Manager instantly. Our text messages are accessible to all Property Managers simultaneously. Every single person in our office works hard to ensure every point of contact is met with a clear and quick response. We take pride in utilizing modern forms of communication to the benefit of our residents and owners.

Whether you’re a potential resident or owner, consider what kind Property Management company you want handling your affairs. Here at Rent in the Valley, we’re here to help.

Alaska Housing offers a step up, not a hand out!

We are so fortunate to have a state owned housing program that not only serves the needs of people in Alaska with low income, but also offers incredible resources for landlords and buyers. Alaska Housing has evolved into a system that holds accountability to all parties in the rental process. Landlords and residents are separately contracted to AHFC to uphold high standards of living for residents along with serious accountability of irresponsible renters. Here at Rent in the Valley, we value our Step Program Alaska Housing residents, who work hard and eventually get off the program. Many of our properties accept housing vouchers. For more information about Alaska Housing resources, please visit